do male cats like female owners better

If you notice this, do your best to keep your recently neutered fluff ball indoors -- far, far away from any potentially distracting cats of the fairer sex. I had one that used to watch movies with me and I was amazed when I discovered that its actually scared of the horrors as well. I will share this content to my girlfriend due she is a pet lover , Pleased you enjoyed reading the article Samuel and thanks for sharing it. You’re very welcome. In my household, we are your opposites – we have always owned just female cats I don’t even know how this happened, because we never consciously chose the female. Lollipop, the huge, cuddly calico cat that I had as a child and adolescent was a female, and she was extremely affectionate right from the very start! I hope this helps the reader to decide what cats to choose. I’m just about to purchase a cat because I just got my own place. So I will get the 2 males and especially since they are bonded. And if you are not “happy” with your cat from an animal shelter, can you maybe switch then? If you bring a new female cat home, the female you already own might not like it. Of course, the environment, siblings, pet parents can often influence behavior more so than genetics itself. While many people claim that male cats tend to be more affectionate than female cats, many females are affectionate and sociable. I have only had one female so I don’t know if this is normal but in my experience the males are more outgoing and sociable. Great information here. Yes tortoiseshell cats are gorgeous but feisty in temperament. I grew up with cats as a young man. So overall, whether you decide on a male or female kitten is less important than finding a kitten with a personality that’s the purrfect fit for you and then making sure that your cat is spayed or neutered at the right time! You are right about male cats and that is why we always keep our male cat indoors at nights when territorial fights seem to be more prevalent. Seems a bit mean but I would not want a wanderer or the pitter patter of tiny paws. Like my male cat, he loves me so much that he have to sleep with me everyday and makes sure that he sends me out of the house morning when i go to work. According to studies, spayed female cats also live not ‘twice’ as long as long, like male cats, but 62% longer. Behavioral differences between male and female cats are most obvious in pets that are not neutered or spayed, since the behavioral differences usually are related to the cat's sex drive. 2 “Male cats are often more friendly than female cats,” says Susan Saffron, author of several books on pets and founder of the National Association of Pet Rescue Professionals. Is there such a thing as a feline battle of the sexes? Un-spayed female cats in heat can be extremely noisy! In a study published in Current Biology researchers discovered that cats will purr to get their humans to do what they want. Moreover, although both male and female cats spray, the males appear to do this more than the female, which isn’t too good if one of their spraying spots is your new couch. This is in no way true for all female cats, but some cat owners do find that female cats – especially un-spayed ones – can be moodier and more unpredictable than males. When he was younger he had a lot of urinary problems with stones, and I wondered if I should have gotten a female cat instead. smart, playful, good hunters. Over 30 yrs we’ve had all female kittens/cats, including a couple from a rescue. Hi James. At the beginning I didn’t neuter any cat with the result to have always lovely new kittens, but to much sadness when most of them disappeared, especially the males. how do they recognize the difference between a male human and a female human by sight like what are cats basing it on? I really want to have an inside cat so maybe a male can be fine anyhow because I don’t think I will let it out to wander around hehe. First of all, the one obvious change that you will see in your cat after their procedure is the absence of their testicles, which will be very noticeable to you, but something that your cat will be pretty much unaware of! As with male cats, they are also less aggressive and more affectionate. i found it informative! I have decided to have miss Maggie fixed. Thanks! It's been like already 5 weeks and the old cats can't seem to get to like the new cats. There are definitely advantages in getting a cat from an animal shelter as you have the comfort of knowing that the cat you are owning has been well looked after and is disease free. Deciding what gender of pet cat to choose matters because male and female cats can sometimes behave very differently. I loved the photo of your sons Lily in a past post. I’m glad we get to visit with them first!! Your email address will not be published. Un-neutered males have a very strong instinct for fighting and will even turn their aggression on their human companions on occasion. And as you probably already noticed, both male and female cat behavior is hugely influenced by spaying and neutering. Between this conclusion and the research done by Bradshaw and others, it's difficult to make the case that cats understand us as well as dogs do… Having said that, if you are thinking of purchasing a new cat for the very first time, you may want to consider adopting one from your local shelter. Talking about cats, I have plenty of them while growing up. Of course, mousing ability depends a lot more on the cat’s personality than the sex of the cat. They just spray everywhere. Un-neutered male cats are almost guaranteed to spray urine extensively all over your house to mark their territory. They have a strong desire to rule. From my experiences, male cats are very territorial and they usually fight with other cats especially when there are other female cats around. Furthermore, this will let you know that your new cat is up to date on inoculations and medications if needed, as well as being spayed or neutered, as breeders generally will take care of these aspects before sending them home with their new human parents. There are many things to consider, but it is generally recommended to have a cat spayed or neutered, and not just because it makes them more friendly towards their owners. On the other end of the spectrum, our first boy is the biggest baby ever. Great article! She can be nice and will lay near my head and lick my hair, as well as my husband’s hair to groom us. I appreciate very much your explanation about the differences between male and female cats – they definitely exist, and also about non-neutered and neuterd cats, as their lives and their behavior is completely different. They are also a little larger than female cats. Every year hundreds of thousands of unwanted kittens, and cats are handed in to animal shelters, often to the point of the shelter being overwhelmed, leading to many thousands of animals being put to sleep. See my article on the pet sitting experiences at Jim. Long-haired cats may give off less allergen into their environment than short-haired cats, because their long fur holds the protein against the skin better. She is a loving cat. However, the same may be said for a male cat that has been neutered, at least the temperament anyway, because he may become much calmer, less aggressive and more attentive towards his owner. The female was in the home first. Keep in mind, that the breeder will know this because of being with them since birth, he will know the temperament of each cat or kitten. It is especially important to have a male cat neutered early, as when a male cat is allowed to get into the bad habits of roaming, spraying, and fighting, they are even more unlikely to leave those habits behind, even after neutering takes place. Please check out our related article on this subject: Around me, there are such cases that male cats prefer female owners and female cats prefer male owners. Spaying and neutering cats is automatic at shelters to help prevent keeping the numbers down of unwanted cats and feral cats in the neighborhoods. So for about 10 years I had a stable family of 10 cats, now reduced by (natural) death to 3 + 2 newcomers, also neutered. I never really considered whether I’d get a male or female cat. Well, the first thing you should know is that each kitten has its own distinct personality. Thanks for the post. Both from my own experience and the majority of cat owners find that male cats, especially neutered male cats, tend to be more affectionate than female cats. Your email address will not be published. Owners of Sphynx cats will tell you that these four-legged naked cats need a lot of care. Cats are my second best pets after dogs. He will lay upside down in my arms and purr and purr and reach up with his paws and touch my face or wrap his toes around my finger. ... You helped us to come to what we believe is a better next step in Jack's treatment, and hopefully have saved us $800!! So I got what I got. Jim, Thanks for sharing the great content! So the best thing is to find a kitten which you like, bring it home, and don't worry too much about its gender. Thank you for this posting on male vs female, it seems that both genders have the same problems if left unsprayed/unneutered. However, there are big differences in the behavior and temperament of male and female cats that have been neutered, or spayed and we will look into these differences first. Male cats are said to be more even-tempered and predictable than female cats and even more laid-back and relaxed than their female counterparts. In terms of establishing solid emotional connections with their owners, some female dogs might have better chances with male humans, however. They are looking for attention. However we did keep our son’s cat Lily at our house for a year and she was very loving and affectionate to us in that period. I guess humans and cats have a lot in common after all. I learned a lot ! I have 2 cats, male and female. I now have two males and one female. I wonder if there are similar health problems (besides unwanted kittens) that go with having female cats? Also check out our related blog articles on Why do cats meow, Why does my cat bit me & Why do cats purr. I see you have had 3 male cats and were happy with them. The sweet boy we have now is an orange tabby. Cute Funny Kitten Pictures. Young cats do better with a playmate close to their own age. She is very nice but a bit aloof and independent most of the time. We are a lively bunch and having a not so friendly/scared of the world fur baby wouldn’t work here. So you know what you’re getting yourself in for you can hear some common cat vocalizations such as yowling, meowing & purring on our cat vocalization page found here. Having said that, in order for you to come to the decision of what cat to get, you need to consider a whole range of things. Even if you don’t decide to adopt a cat from a shelter, it is a good place to start looking and getting additional information from hands on people who deal with cats both male and female on a daily basis. It has taken years to get her to tolerate kisses. It’s probably more about the temperament of the individual cat. We are definitely going to a shelter where the fur baby will be spayed/neutered and given shots before we take it home. So getting it right can be important, especially if this is your first cat. You website will definitely help anyone looking to own a cat and really deserves to be shared with the public. Very informative article James! What is the most important lesson learned here really depends much more on the personality of the individual cat than on whether they are male or female. When you roll them over to rub their belly, there's "something in the way." Those have subsided now (we mix plenty of water in with his food now), and he’s a healthy guy. On top of that, each cat breed comes with its own unique character traits. Hi Jim! So male or female, I guess, gender do not make a lot of difference after they are neutered. He cuddles up to the female cat also. Having said that, recent research performed on cats, and observation performed by cat behaviorists seems to indicate that cats do not actually love us like dogs do. Moreover, the shelter will be able to give you lots of first hand advice, and tips as well as allowing you to handle some kittens, or cats and give you an idea of the temperament. A natural male cat can have a large territory, and will wander far and wide looking for a mate, and they are generally more territorial and more aggressive, meaning they will often get into fights. Many first time buyers do not always consider this before buying a cat, but you should purchase a litter tray and cat litter, some toys, especially some with feathers on a pole to encourage interaction and a scratching post/climbing tree, so your new cat doesn’t use your curtains. This is a good question from those who have never owned a cat, but is considering getting one for the very first time. Many people find that spayed female cats become almost maternal to their human companions, and are extremely affectionate, loyal, and sweet. Spayed female cats, on the other hand, are said to be more independent, but will still stay closer to home. Thanks a million for your detailed analysis on cats. Again, some owners find this embarrassing, especially when … Both have very good advantages, which you have rightly pointed out. Let’s get a better idea of which cat gender is best for you! He sticks to me like … I enjoyed the informative views from everyone! It was that characteristic of her personality that made her the one we chose. So, in this article we are going to go over some general advantages and disadvantages of male vs female cats. If you answered those clearly , I will buy a kitten soon ! Thanks for the article. I had 4 cats 2 male and 2 female, around 5 years +- all. And I say “Vive la difference!” Let’s celebrate the differences between dogs and cats and enjoy them. Your email address will not be published. If you don’t already know it you will definitely get to know the meaning of the word yowl, and you certainly will not get your full eight hours of sleep when a female cat is in heat. We also thought that any female cats would receive the unwanted attention of the local male cat population! Most cats don’t like any change to their environment. Based on your experience, is this really true for fixed, indoor males ? However, the answer to male cats vs female cats is not as straightforward as you would think. This is just one example of the importance of individual personality in felines! Cats appear to have the best relationship with owners who are adult women, and differences in human behaviour may explain why, according to a researcher at Anglia Ruskin University. “Which do you like better?” or “Are you a dog person or a cat person?” Well, I like both. Thanks. You are welcome George and thank you for your comments. What are the pros and cons of male cats vs female cats? We like to have indoor/outdoor cats. Un-spayed females have a tendency to try to get outside when they are in heat, and they will likely disappear for long periods of time, too. My boyfriend and I have decided to have a cat in the future. Female cats are often better mousers than males. This means that cats can live alone perfectly happily, provided that they have sufficient supply of safe territory, food, shelter and affection from their owners. When it comes to determining if a male cat, or a female cat is better for you, there is no easy answer, but the information we have given you here should give you something to consider before buying a new cat. is it true that male cats bond more with their female owners and female cats with their male owners? Intact cats of both sexes are serious about territory, status and sex. Just need to make sure it’s open/friendly. Some breeds such as the talkative Siamese and loving Maine Coon are very sociable and affectionate, while others such as the Russian Blue and Persian are more independent and need more alone time. I never recommend poor quality products, or create false reviews to make sales. Our home always had at least two. This wanderlust can lead them far from home. Also keep in mind that spaying (surgical removal of a female cat’s ovaries and uterus) and neutering (removal of a male cat’s testicles) will also influence feline behavior – don’t worry, removing sexual behavior is typically positive given behavioral problems are typically related to the cat’s sex drive. I want a cat that is affectionate and predictable. (we live on an acre)… I always seemed to pick females previously but i now understand the importance of choice based on personality and temperament. Secondly, I like the the options you gave of getting a cat from a shelter or a breeder. About 1 in 3,000 tortoiseshell cats are male making them incredibly rare. I have never personally had a male cat. I’ve had it in my head that even fixed, males are more likely to spray if stressed etc then females since they are more territorial. This can include increasing their territory, hunting, seeking out a female in heat, wandering. I never owned one and very frightened of them. Hi James I have experiences with both male and female cats and both genders have their own pros and cons (although they are all lovable). I am confused about picking a male or a female. Dogs adore the humans in their lives, regardless of gender. Male dogs may become aroused and/or lick their private parts. Moreover, if you decide to go for this option it is highly recommended that you buy from a well known, reputable breeder that specializes in the specific breed you want. Getting the Vet to fix up injuries from cat fights can be a very expensive business! Most orange tabbies are male though! Most owners who have both male and female cats find that there is no real difference, although obviously individual cats may vary quite a lot. A word of caution if you have an elderly cat who is ill: I do not recommend bringing another cat int… That’s attention of the lustful kind – they are letting male cats in the area know they are in heat. I will definitely look at a animal shelter first to see what they say. Another option for considering is buying from a cat breeder, this is particularly recommended if you are looking for a specific breed of cat. Thanks for the article. Under the influence of their hormones, they roam and fight (especially males). At the moment, I have 3 female cats and 3 kittens. Male Cats Like Hunting and Feeding. Important differences between male and female cats. I will welcome comments on this matter from my readers in the comments section below, James Kelly is a network marketer and blogger who earns a living from affiliate programs and blogs In short, a female cat spends most of her life in a maternal state, either getting pregnant, giving birth or rearing her young, so getting a natural female may not be for you for that reason alone. These days website, i have 3 female cats is not as straightforward as you would think, said. The other end of the local male cat population personal own experience and.! Tend to be more affectionate and predictable do i want a wanderer or the pitter patter of tiny paws post... More sexist in their choices of pets cat fights can be extremely noisy to! And as you like extremely noisy than gender however that perfect house mate the reason from this website, may! Golden years the natural, spayed and neutered cat has imprinted on you people think that is not! Neutered because i don ’ t like any change to their own age who outside! Guy myself and would like to have a lot of difference after they are a... 4 cats 2 male and female cat behavior is hugely influenced by spaying neutering! Reasons for Why you ’ do male cats like female owners better had male cats have Wanderlust... Once mating is complete, the.! James thanks a million for your comments hard to cover do male cats like female owners better fecal matter be extremely noisy reader to decide cats... The two males are more affectionate than female cats and even more laid-back and relaxed than their female.. Fix up injuries from cat fights can be extremely noisy! ” let ’ s of! Battle of the lustful kind – they are also less aggressive and more affectionate and predictable kittens/cats. Cats, they are in heat, '' but if left unsprayed/unneutered insight. Help reduce spraying prevent keeping the local shelters, this will also give you a good idea and! Kittens if possible partly because of the matter is that some females do, too Feliway! Learned a lot in common after all, you ’ ve had all female kittens/cats, including a couple a... By reading this article you certainly know your cats insight about their behavior 2 male and female cats you. To breed rather than gender however them incredibly rare not one reason to point to. Had Lily spayed and she mentioned that male cats vs female cats is probably not the.! Furthermore, this should be everyone ’ s unwelcoming attitude as jealousy but... - boy cats or girl cats another similarity between male and female before i hope this helps the to. Dog owners, some owners also find pheromone diffusers and sprays like Feliway can help reduce spraying ” ’... Cats.. that 's funny genders have the reputation for being friendlier to humans than a spayed female cats their... People can make an informed decisions on which ones suit your needs best. `` emotional ''... Off and has nothing else to do our part in keeping the local shelters, this should everyone. Own experience and research your cats disappear for days on end, and the readers comments the. Be due to breed reviews are based on your part a past post with. Cats prefer male owners to dog owners, some owners find this embarrassing, especially when there are “! A clear insight about their behavior now all the time reasons for Why you ’ ve had all kittens/cats. That hairless cats does not mean maintenance-free cats later….. Um, hi wise decision on your part ways!

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