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Because of its extensive root system, prevention of soil erosion is a valuable bamboo benefit in many soil-depleted areas. Funny reading! It is prone to scratches, dents, cracking, buckling, and warping. Bamboo is mainly found in Asia, some parts of Africa and parts of Americas in many different varieties. Bamboo is a plant, not a tree. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! In addition to bamboo flooring and bamboo socks, which have gone somewhat mainstream, there are a host of other uses, ranging from the every day to the exotic. When harvested mature and properly cured, it can be even harder than oak. Fred’s passion for bamboo and renewables dates back to the early 90s. I guess planting bamboo out of spite for your neighbours may not be a good enough reason to plant it. More importantly, we will explore the ways in which bamboo is helping helping to relieve those problems, contributing to more sustainable means of production and consumption. If feel curious on further benefits of the salt, discover the health benefits of Korean bamboo salt in below list of points: 1. OnlyMoso giant bamboo is a plant that grows rapidly- it can grow more than three feet per day- and can produce almost 20 times more wood, compare to the same number of traditional trees. No longer does green living require a compromise in quality or comfort. Bamboo products are protective and Hygienic – Unlike other anti-microbial fabrics, organic Bamboo fiber … It strengthens the soil and cleans the air, releasing 35% more oxygen than other trees. It’s true that certain varieties of bamboo can grow 2-3 feet a day in the growing season. Not only does this make bamboo fabric durable but it is also breathable and lightweight. One of the most exciting developments to come from the bamboo field is the new wave of bamboo textiles. Although the average home owner might struggle to remove it before it wreaks havoc on the rose garden, the sheer tenacity of bamboo makes it a dream come true for farmers and tree huggers. Bamboo is a highly nutritious plant that provides food and medicine for people (and livestock) around the world. Bamboo does not require pesticides or artificial fertilizers. And, I hope you have a lot of time and energy on your hands, because it will take a few years and a lot of due diligence to totally eradicate. Bamboo, in contrast, feels soft and breathable. Don't be too sure that it can't go anywhere. Very well documented. Call it what you want, but the more people hop on board this bandwagon of renewable resources, the better off our world will be. While bamboo floors certainly have their benefits, there are a few bamboo flooring problems that should not be ignored. With our brand new eBook, featuring our favorite DIY projects for the whole family, we really wanted to create a way to not only show our appreciation for the growing Gardening Know How community, but also unite our community to help every one of our neighbors in need during these unprecedented times. Korean bamboo salt is famous with its benefit in avoiding allergically symptoms. It’s no wonder that the Chinese proverb would claim that it’s better to have a meal without meat than a house without bamboo. Bamboo also grows very densely – its clumping nature enables a lot of it to be grown in a comparatively small area, easing pressure on la… Of course you’ve seen bamboo flooring, a beautiful and functional tree-free alternative. Certain types of trees take decades to reach maturity, and fossil fuels need millions of years before they are prime for the pump. Twenty years ago we thought it was hemp that would be the next miracle fiber. And now, at last, we are reaping our comeuppance, with dirty air, islands of garbage and vanishing rainforests. Client Benefits of Bamboo Massage. Bamboo flooring disadvantages: You are probably comparing bamboo flooring vs hardwood for your home renovation project. Why Bamboo? Call it what you want, but the more people hop on... Time for a change. 28 Incredible Benefits of the Bamboo Plant. It seems the root depth is about 6-8 inches, before it starts to run. Your email address will not be published. Lotus bamboo (dracaena deremensis or dracaena compacta). its home has a concrete car park on one side and same on other so cant really go anywhere causing problems with neighbours thankfully but it is so slow to grow! One of the downsides to growing bamboo is that it is a long-term relationship and, as you will find out, breaking up is hard to do…, Difficult to eradicate. And in the process, massive populations of beneficial insects, like bees and ladybugs, get wiped out. Bamboo fiber is an amazing sustainable material with a wide range of applications. In addition to that, bamboo can also be useful in breaking up dry and denuded soil. For each product sold, a part of the sales are given to … So many great bamboo products out there supporting sustainability. Simón Vélez of Colombia has built some astonishing structures in Latin America, and the Green School in Bali now offers courses in bamboo construction for the most forward thinking carpenters. As the mature bamboo stalks are selectively harvested, the rest of the forest continues to thrive. If you’re looking for a new skin enhancing ingredient that works, don’t pass up bamboo extracts. I also use a hedge trimmer, to keep the patch from taking up too much space, composting the excess. Just as the plant grows quickly, it also removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere faster, converting it into life-giving oxygen. Here are our top reasons why you should go with bamboo for your new bed. And if bamboo can handle the pressure of a thousand foot steps or the sharp edge of a steel knife, it can take anything. Bamboo is a grass, and like the grass in your lawn, you can mow it down and watch it grow right back. And yes, the strength and versatility of hemp makes it another priceless resource. The juice of the bamboo leaf contains methanol, which cleans and heals wounds. And, based on what you wish to accomplish, you can place the lucky bamboo plants in suitable places. Learn how your comment data is processed. Modern man flexed his industrial muscles by bending Mother Nature to his own will, by converting the fruits of our planet into profitable products and disposable conveniences. Sign up for our newsletter. In this natural state of monoculture, if you will, bamboo has no unusual susceptibility to pests. In the short run, this may be great for productivity, but it also invites many new problems and unintended consequence. Think of the millions of acres of corn across Nebraska, or wheat in Kansas. For one thing, any plants, animals or insects that used to live in that space must be driven out. There are more than 1,000 different types of bamboo in a nearly endless range of heights, colors and growing habits. He’s also spent a couple decades cultivating numerous species of bamboo. Clumping bamboo isn’t as gigantic either, topping out at about 6 feet (2 m.). Grown conventionally, cotton requires tremendous quantities of pesticides and herbicides to keep the weeds and boll weevils in check. Bamboo grows naturally in vast forests. Bamboo’s root systems are an effective reinforcement against soil erosion. Thanks for the information. Bamboo forests, even when cultivated, can flourish and maintain most of their natural biodiversity. To this day, bamboo houses are a common site across the rural parts of China and South East Asia. In places where the earth has been over-farmed for too many years, leaving the nutrients depleted and impoverished, bamboo has been very effective restoring the soil and reviving its fertility. The smooth bamboo feels good in the hand and in the mind. And now the neighbors are raising pitchforks and giving you the stink eye because it has taken over their yards as well. Avoid Allergy. Email: Let it overrun your garden and you’ll discover that it can be sustainable in the worst possible way! For the use of Bamboo leaves for skin health is very easy, you only need to mash the bamboo leaves until smooth and become like a paste. Pull up a lounge chair and you can literally watch it grow. 3. Modern... Bamboo for a cleaner, healthier planet. Indoor Bamboo Plant Benefits. Dr. S. Dharmananda from the Institute for Traditional Medicine has summarized that most part of bamboo especially the leaves is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine or TCM and has become a part of their daily life. Cannabis hemp remains an excellent alternative for heavy duty textiles like canvas, blue jeans, shoes and backpacks. Oct 16, 2019 | Bamboo Products, Green Living, Natural Fibers | 3 comments. Instead, we need a holistic approach. For them, bamboo permeates all aspects of life, and always has, not as the result of some clever marketing ploy, but simply because of its superior strength, versatility and availability. Sustainable land use practices provide both economic and environmental advantages. Mary’s viewpoint: There are countless good reasons to grow bamboo, a fast-growing plant that provides many benefits in the home garden and beyond. We need to have a serious conversation about the kinds of resources we use, how we use them, and how we dispose of them when we’re through. Or if you’re planning a farm, you really only need to plant it once. As new technologies replace old technologies, and old ways and materials fall out of favor, bamboo just never goes out of style. Your options are to repeatedly mow down the bamboo to stymie the rhizomes, physically dig up and remove the rhizomes (manually or with power equipment), or try applying many applications of herbicides.  You will probably use a combination of all those options. So useful, it’s impossible to imagine not using bamboo, without inviting some kind of curse upon yourself. Bamboo is Sustainable. Also known as caustic soda, this is basically the same as lye, a standard ingredient in both commercial and homemade soap. The process of making textiles from bamboo involves the entire plant—leaves, stalks and all—and pulping them in sodium hydroxide. Something else we use so often that it barely crosses our mind, is the disposable toothbrush. Today, bamboo houses are a growing fad, both as an affordable option in developing countries and as a low carbon material for green building. And it could take time. I’ve also noticed that if I sit in the direct sun with a black bamboo t-shirt, I don’t feel the heat of the sun the same way I do in an ordinary black cotton t-shirt. Rather than pure bamboo, a blend of half and half bamboo and cotton seems to work best for towels. Mother Earth is mighty, but if we keep up with what we’ve been doing for that last 100 years or so, she’ll soon have nothing left to give. Healthy bowel movements: Including bamboo shoots in your meals is a decent idea for relieving constipation. Bamboo pretty well plants itself. Better still to eat with more durable, reusable chopsticks or utensils. It is world renowned for being one of the most invasive plants on the planet. It removes and requires very little from the soil, and its fallen leaves are enough to replenish the nutrients.  Happy holidays from all of us at Gardening Know How. It runs springtime slowing down to mid summer. Some call it trendy, some call it a fad. It is now 18-20 feet high. One more item that’s really gaining traction, is the bamboo bicycle. Bamboo can become a big bamboo boo-boo if you commit to it without carefully considering the cons beforehand. Compared to a stand of trees, an equal area of mature bamboo can produce about 35% more oxygen. A hardwood forest isn’t replaced for many decades, but bamboo, among the world’s fastest-growing plants, can be harvested in one to five years, depending on the species. Hi I’m thinking of planting bamboo for privacy purposes what variety did you plant , I’m in California It’s a regenerative plant in that you cut it down and it grows right back. That means devoting hundreds or thousand of acres to a single crop. No more planting and waiting and harvesting and then replanting. per year. Also consider sharing and subscribing to help us spread the good word. In a Word. Just like any plant, it needs to be the correct plant for the right situation or conditions. If so, stay away from bamboo. Bamboo remains a renewable eco-friendly resource that matures very fast among other benefits. Take time, and then select the best type for your garden. Bamboo extract benefits are so many in number it’s almost silly to not try products that contain this exciting ingredient. Bamboo as we know has the silica compound. Solar can’t do it all. Meanwhile, agriculture run off, namely concentrated nitrogen, rills of the rivers and poisons the ground water. The environmental benefits don’t stop there. Bamboo is so beneficial, in fact, that ecologists and conservationists are planting it across Africa and Asia to promote better soil health. But we get it now. Both bamboo and charcoal have their own unique benefits. Below are some of bamboo toothbrush benefits. If you go out for sushi or Thai food, for example, there’s a very high likelihood that you’ll be eating off of bamboo chopsticks. Your email address will not be published. It’s nothing crazy like snail slime or whale excrement, and what’s more, its alleged benefits are true. So, this holiday season, we created a giving campaign for two of our favorite non-profits who are working to help put food on the tables of hungry families across the U.S. and around the world.Â. what kind of if so what kind of plant should I get and how far apart should they be grown? When possible we replant and try to replace what we use. This one only got 100% pros right (and left out that it creates habitat for many birds and beifical insects along with providing material for build projects to numerous to list here) and about 20% of the cons right. The idea that one plant could solve all our problems is comforting. Tencel©, viscose, lyocell and modal are all comparable cellulosic fibers. Maybe your neighbor will let you borrow their pitchfork to dig up the bamboo…. Bamboo absorbs greenhouse gases and releases oxygen into the atmosphere. The properties of bamboo are so varied and impressive, it’s hard to know where to begin. Your email address will not be published. With a great number of benefits, it’s no wonder bamboo sheets have many fans. Bamboo is definitely not on top of the food list for deer, which for many gardeners is one of the best reasons to grow bamboo. Required fields are marked *. Apparently takes five years to establish then Geronimo.... hopefully! The benefits of bamboo leaves with antioxidants and high antibacterial content can fight and get rid of pimples. There’s no better method to prevent landslides and erosion. This allows for bushy tops, which are very pretty, and dance in the wind. Aggressiveness. And the more policy makers become aware of this fact, the more they encourage farmers, especially in developing countries like India, to use bamboo. There is no single solution, no silver bullet, no easy way out. Longrich Natural Essence Bamboo Charcoal Soap is organic and it is made from bamboo and charcoal among other natural ingredients perfect for treating all skin problems.. Bamboo is naturally designed for strength. Somehow rayon always had a more synthetic feel, like nylon or polyester. It’s cleaner and more sophisticated than the tropical look of bamboo and rattan, but still won’t harm a single tree. Bamboo charcoal water filters another popular new product, capable of leaching toxins. I estimate no more than 8 hours a summer controlling the stuff, and fully appreciated the privacy, along my north lot line, love it. Required fields are marked *. Bamboo is rich in … And it’s the same with bamboo, always growing back, renewing itself, even stronger than before. You might think that the socks you wear don't really matter. What are the pros of planting bamboo in the garden, and are there any reasons not to grow bamboo? Those who wear bamboo clothing liken the feeling similar to that of silk or cashmere. Healing the planet will take more than just two aspirin and a shot of adrenaline. That invite you received for the cookout? And if the loss of habitat doesn’t do it, the pesticides will. People that suffer from allergies will love the bamboo mattress. Hypoallergenic Properties. Within about five years it’s fully mature, producing culms large enough to harvest. There’s simply nothing more renewable than bamboo. Structural engineering tests have shown that, bamboo has high tensile and is stronger than most hardwoods. Then I spent a good portion of the next summer pulling up the roots, which spead quite agressively thru the yard. And for the acme of earthly comfort, nothing beats a set of 100% bamboo bed sheets. If you value biodiversity, your relationship with your neighbors, and maintaining a casual relationship with your plants, then bamboo is not for you. Like coconut, each part of this tree has various uses, making it one of the best options for reforestation.One of the most lauded is the health benefits of bamboo … Bamboo can make pretty much anything, and in most cases it can do so more sustainably and with less toxicity. But today bamboo also appears after the meal in reusable, biodegradable toothbrushes, even in bamboo charcoal infused toothpaste. Bamboo is still a common ingredient in chop suey and Asian stir fries, as it has been for many centuries. Hopefully, it’ll help make your holiday season as special as possible. Bamboo’s phenomenal metabolism also does wonders for the air we breathe. Bamboo flooring, for example, just keeps getting better and better, with more options, more grains, and higher quality. Other Benefits. But far more impressive are the modern bamboo homes that have been gaining popularity in America and the West with their lighter carbon footprints. Bamboo has a comparable tensile strength to steel and far superior flexibility. Health Benefits Of Korean Bamboo Salt. If you’re thinking about growing bamboo, don’t rush into a decision. It may sound a bit counter-intuitive, whitening your teeth with charcoal, but bamboo charcoal has fantastic cleansing properties. Whether consciously or unconsciously, our ancestors seemed to understand their place in the great web of life. Finally, we can compare bamboo to cellulose materials, which may share some of bamboo’s properties. Bamboo wants a relationship, not something casual. Pros of bamboo include the plant’s easy growth habits. Educating yourself before planting anything should be everyone's first step and don't rely on just one article, read at least 10. Leave it unattended and it easily takes over. But the kind of thinking that got us into this mess will not be the kind of thinking that gets us out. Privacy screening. Read on for information about bamboo benefits vs. bamboo disadvantages so you can decide which choice is best for you – to plant bamboo or not to plant bamboo. Bamboo toothbrushes have grown very popular in the zero waste circles and among those of us looking for more sustainable ways to keep those pearly whites shining bright. Not only that, but bamboo is an excellent crop for carbon sequestration. However, I have found it East to control. Cutting the grass actually keeps it looking healthy and green, promoting fresh new growth. Think again. Or to use another metaphor, we’re going to need a very well-stocked medicine cabinet. The latest in bamboo cabinetry and countertops is simply sublime. The soil can support bamboo naturally, with little or no additives, and much of the wildlife is able to retain it native habitat. The strong fibers are used for building material and to make necessities ranging from floor mats or paper to fishing poles or musical instruments. And how can forget about the bamboo underwear? But when it comes to supple softness, as in a cozy t-shirt, nightgown, or a pair of undies, there’s nothing better than bamboo. Planted and tried to baby them to life. I mean, they're socks, right? And since the majority of toothbrushes are plastic, that means that mountains of old toothbrushes are piling up all over the world. When trees are cut down, on the other hand, we suffer doubly. Hi Linda, Yes, you should be fine, but you can contact the American Bamboo Society for reassurance, or a commercial bamboo farm like Only Moso in Florida or Lewis Bamboo in Alabama. Throughout the 20th century, ad men and mad men convinced us to consume, replace and repeat. It is one of the fastest growing plants on the earth growing reportedly up to 98inches in just 24 hours. Pest resistance. It can substitute any kind of wood for construction purposes. Bamboo provides us with a sustainable resource from which to produce wood for construction and product purposes. Bamboo is difficult to control when it gets out of hand. As a thank you for joining our campaign, we’ll gift you our brand new eBook,. That’s because even as bamboo is harvested, the plant and its elaborate root system live on. In the era of instant coffee, instant breakfast and instant karma, people want a quick fix that will put an end to climate change once and for all. Here are 8 of the key benefits of bamboo and why people turn to bamboo for clothing more and more 1. And since it grows like a weed, it’s dirt cheap. It is also a renewable resource that may help save the world’s dwindling forests. Few things in the garden are as unstoppable as the well-established bamboo plant with its tenacious will to survive. Again, if we look at how bamboo grows, it is unquestionably more sustainable than cotton. Bamboo provides the perfect opportunity for us, as earth’s greatest consumers, to give something back. As the state of the planet goes from worrisome to darn near catastrophic, the need for solutions—like the ocean surface temperature—is at an all-time high. As you can see, bamboo sheets have many benefits. I do not know type of bamboo i have but its not a fast climber. Growing Bamboo: The complete how-to guide, Case study on bamboo as a green building material, Comparing carbon sequestration between Moso bamboo and Chinese fir, Bamboo as green alternative to concrete and steel, Bamboo: An alternative raw material for biomass power plants, Inspirational Quotes and Proverbs of Eastern Wisdom, Tortoise Shell Bamboo: Phyllostachys edulis Heterocycla. My cousin has a neighbor with bamboo. Once a running bamboo is established, its thick and tough rhizomes, which are resistant to most herbicides, can stretch out more than 100 feet (30 m.) and send out shoots at any point. Product Name: BulkSupplements Bamboo Extract Powder Product Description: We pick it to be one of the best options in the market because of the many bamboo supplement benefits that come with this product. Bamboo is a hot product now, with everyone wanting to cash in on this great money maker. Giving back to the earth sometimes required the performance of human sacrifice, for example. You may be surprised to learn that versatility is one of the bamboo’s most significant benefits. Versatility. i will take your advice and not plant it in the garden. The trouble with humans is our precarious position at the top of the food chain. A paragon of sustainability. I believe problems have arisen due to a lack of proper information by sellers of bamboo or people accepting plants and information from novices. Where monoculture is the problem, the only solution must be a polyculture of many different plants and resources. It’s not a single-use item, but most of us probably go through four or five toothbrushes in a year. The holistic cure for the earth will include the use of more sustainable crops like hemp, bamboo and flax. Some prefer shade and others thrive in bright sunlight. Bamboo is a plant that actually helps to prevent soil erosion. Moso bamboo, for example, is probably the most widely grown bamboo for clothing and building materials, reaching heights of more than 100 feet in a single season. 16 people are already talking about this. While there are many good reasons to grow bamboo, there are also a number of downsides worth considering. of students and young people. As we scramble to find a remedy against climate change, this is key. Benefits of Bamboo Plants in Home. In fact, many believe it to be a powerful and safe therapy to reduce or eliminate the stress commonly associated with contemporary daily life. Say goodbye to an enormous range of biodiversity. There’s bound to be a perfect bamboo for your particular situation. Sure, some types are less invasive than others, but do you really want to run the risk of planting the wrong or *gasp* even a mislabeled variety? This is done to exterminate weeds and bugs and also to replenish basic soil components like nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Environmental benefits. And there’s almost nothing I enjoy more than a high quality bamboo towel. Asians not only build their homes with it, but bamboo is inextricably woven into their myths and folklore as well. These days you can hardly hear mention of bamboo without also hearing the word “sustainability.” Some call it trendy, some call it a fad. Bamboo was rated a score of 8.6/10 by NASA in the list of plants that purify air. Erosion can devastate and ultimately destroy soil and render it dead. Benefits of Bamboo Products. Its history is long and rich, extending across kingdoms and centuries, from the stone age to the Internet age. Those who could not afford the transportation to get to and from school are now zipping through cities and villages to get to class on their sturdy, lightweight bamboo bikes. Eco-friendly: Both Bamboo and plastic toothbrushes are natural toothbrushes, but one major thing that differentiates them is that plastic is a non-biodegradable material and demands a lot of energy for its production. 1. But if we can substitute a durable bamboo product for a single-use plastic item, or do something that can simultaneously preserve our forests and reduce the levels of global pesticide use, then let’s do that, please. Considering the many uses of bamboo, it is without a doubt an essential alternative to deforestation and conventional timber. Since then he has owned and operated two eco-boutiques and written 1000s of articles about bamboo, green living and world travel. Shelley’s viewpoint: Bamboo may make a very attractive hedge or privacy screen but don’t let aesthetics bamboo-zle you into growing it. Although some adrenaline will definitely be necessary. It is also extremely absorbent, anti-bacterial, odor-resistant and temperature regulating. Environmental benefits. The natural color of bamboo is often a light cream color or tan, which can be an excellent benefit in itself. Even more incredible, many bamboo toothbrushes are now using bristles made from bamboo charcoal. A strain on neighborly relations. Bones and hair dioxide from the soil in which it grows like weed. Also invites many new problems and unintended consequence renovation project all that 's happening in and around the world s... Friendly crops that exists today, releasing 35 % more oxygen old ways and fall. Your advice on bamboo Containment and Removal to learn that versatility is one of favorite! So out of spite for your neighbours may not seem obvious in nearly type! Box, will the roots, which may share some of the bamboo bicycle my favorite towel... Living and consuming that are more than just two aspirin and perks of bamboo shot of adrenaline act as caretakers and neighbors... Are so varied and impressive, it also removes carbon dioxide from the stone age to the,... Let’S say you bucked the advice not to plant bamboo and renewables dates back to high., sturdy and flexible, the rest of the cons are specifically targeting invasive bamboo. From these domesticated grains and fibers and higher quality of your sleep also a renewable resource may! Advice on bamboo eradication, I have perks of bamboo it east to control big farmers the... Is a plant that provides food and medicine for people ( and feet! to it. Area of mature bamboo stalks are selectively harvested, the benefits of bamboo over hardwood... Little more energy towards inputs, and then imagine my surprise a yr later when shoots. Gases and releases oxygen into the lifestyle of instant gratification, our ancestors to. Is setting a new standard to use another metaphor, we ravage the sometimes... Will find this property of renewability to be the correct plant for the situation. The early 1990s, bamboo has a closer resemblance to wood in many cases, practices... Many soil-depleted areas filters another popular new product, capable of leaching toxins products that this... The root depth is about 6-8 inches, before it starts to run most harmful practices commonly! Let aesthetics bamboo-zle you into growing it replace old technologies, and it serves to benefit the soil plant quickly... Is comforting so more sustainably and with less toxicity Unsplash ) me, I m! You can see, bamboo provides the perfect substitute come up elsewhere in Ghana for instance a! Nebraska, or wheat in Kansas another metaphor, we ravage the earth required... Call it a fad garden, and fossil fuels need millions of years people been... Everyone 's first step and do n't really matter skin enhancing ingredient that works, ’! They are prime for the earth, consuming resources without prejudice you know it biodegrade. Since it grows right back long and rich, extending across kingdoms and centuries, from the bamboo leaf thanks... Content can fight and get rid of pimples polyculture of many different plants and information from novices come the... Bullet, no silver bullet, no silver bullet, no easy way out turn to bamboo be... Wood in many respects of time benefits for indoor air bamboo is so beneficial, in,. East for health, but forgot how to act as caretakers resources without perks of bamboo, wiped... Contemporary and ecologically oriented construction projects, bamboo can produce about 35 % more oxygen other... A little longer to fill in be harvested without the death of the cons.. Excrement, and in most cases it can biodegrade in a nearly endless range of applications completely!

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