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It’s such a shame that a product meant to grow hair faster ends up making it fall out worse than before. 9.8. Worth Buying? That means every 2 days on an average. Surely – the exact price depends on the seller, discounts or certain days (prices fluctuate from day to day). I managed to stop my shedding and grow my hair back using certain natural products. Hi Kylie, thanks for your feedback on Wild Growth Hair Oil. Wild Growth Hair Oil may work better for you than it did for me. You can find a number of good reviews , people praising the oil … Wild Growth did improve my hair growth – but not amazingly (maybe 1 inch more than normal). It doesn’t smell great at all. 8 Wild Growth Hair Oils You Should Buy In 2020 – A Review Guide. That’s why you should be really careful with this product. Folexin hair Supplement as the best example of effective and inexpensive hair growth product. 2. If you do decide to invest in this product, I would recommend following the manufacturer's instructions exactly - start with a weekly application, and gradual ly increase to three times a week within 30 days.. You can lightly oil the crown of your head daily, the base of your scalp maybe twice weekly. Required fields are marked *. My Restore FX Hair Review (2020) – Scam Or Legit? And it did – not amazingly, but I could see a small change: Now – at first, I used Wild Growth daily. After doing some research, I decide to give it a try as all the ingredients used are natural, and it is not expensive. Compared to other hair oils, this one is so affordable: It’s surely not a great product in terms of effect – but that’s not the point here. Wild Growth has a pretty weak formula (just like most topical products): As I said – this product can only help because it’s an oil. Wild hair growth oil Does not work. The best hair growth supplements are composed entirely of essential minerals and vitamins like B7, B3, C, and B-12. Let’s starts-. Stating to have been in existence for 30 years and more, this product is said to have had a 90% success rate with customer users. Ther are only a few products like Folexin- The best Hair supplement, which is effective and inexpensive. That’s why I’m not so sure if this product helped you more than any regular oil would have. Extremely hard to use (greasy and bad smell). Folexin Review- #1 Hair Growth Supplement (2020), Keranique Review (2020)- Is It Scam? Did you experience any major trauma in the last 6 months? There is no any specific dose and amount mention by the manufacturer of Wild oil. Considering all the hard work I did following the treatment (washing my hair constantly, applying the oil really often) – I don’t think it’s worth using. As you know, I was also facing hair fall problem like you. 6. It’s time to review Wild Growth Hair Oil – because it doesn’t look any bad: However, I found lots of complaints and negative reviews about it. In this article “Wild growth hair oil Review” I am here with all the information about this product along with my experience with this product. My hair is normally pretty dry too, but it’s not kinky – so it was constantly greasy from this oil. I've been fighting hair loss for over 5 years. But there’s also a downside – it will get really greasy and you will have to wash it daily. Wild Growth did improve my hair growth – but not amazingly, you can use any regular oil to get the same effect, there are both satisfied and unsatisfied customers. However – keep in mind this oil will make your hair really greasy. The natural ingredients are the main USP of Wild hair growth oil which makes it inexpensive and effective at the same time. Ebay has different sellers, so they have the lowest prices ever. So there’s nothing special about this product that makes it better than regular oil. Really easy to take (compared to Wild Growth). I had an appointment to my doctor and had some blood tests, but nothing that explains my hair loss. And thing is – it’s an oily product. There are a few that praise its low price. However – you have to contact the seller and pay the shipping taxes. Many buyers have also shared their wild growth hair oil before and after pictures and they speak a lot about its efficiency. I actually recommend it only to black women with coarse hair – in these situations, it won’t affect the hair too much but actually help it. These all organic ingredients makes Wild Growth Hair Oil as one of of the most effective and inexpensive hair oil available in the market. I’m definitely curious to see if it helps you on the long term. Apart from these key ingredients the other trace ingrdetns of Wild growth hair oil are. So I can’t really tell which is the optimal schedule for this oil, honestly. Normally – I would have rated it higher, but the instructions are pretty confusing (to me at least). The bottom line is, there’s no evidence to support any of the manufacturer claims, but applying the oil onto your hair may make it look thicker – don’t expect Wild Growth Hair Oil to prevent baldness either! So I definitely prefer regular oils (like Castor or Coconut) – they have a way better texture. To know more in details, let move to the next section of Wild Hair Growth Oil Review, i.e. Wild Growth Hair Oil is a way inexpensive and less costly than the special products available in the market. It’s great to hear you weren’t bothered by the smell. Such ventures usually lead to more expenditures that sometimes don’t yield the best results. So there’s no point comparing Wild Growth with any supplement – because there’s a huge difference (in terms of effect). It does cost more than $9 – but it’s way cheaper than others. I definitely didn’t like the consistency of Wild Growth. Basically – applying oil to your scalp for a few weeks will make your hair grow much faster. Most of the ingredients are organic, therefore, it is suitable for men and women of all age groups. (Unbiased). Read my detailed and unbiased “Wild growth hair oil Review” to know all about this hair oil. Also, it leaves lots of greasy marks on your clothes (especially at first, when you don’t know how badly it stains). So basically, this product isn’t safe at all. Note: This review is based on my personal experience + opinion on this product. The market of hair care product is very vast, and it is turn out as one of the most profitable product genres. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. On the other hand, Amazon’s price is a bit higher (around $9) – but it’s a lot more safer. So I hope you choose the right thing for you. The availability of many products in the market has made it almost impossible to find genuine ones that work. Will notify you on how it goes on in the future. My Rating: 5 out of 10 – I wouldn’t recommend it. To find a good and useful hair care product, I keep looking for various product reviews and expert advice. It can cause the opposite effects in certain people: I personally didn’t experience anything of this kind, so I can’t really tell. To rid scalp of oil residue, allow the oil to soak for 3-5 minutes, and then brush every 3-5 minutes thereafter in order to ‘set’ the hair and allow maximum oil … Your email address will not be published. But there’s still a chance that you get 1 of these problems too. Hair loss treatment comes in many different forms (and budgets). Sizes: There are two available – 4 and 8 oz (I will focus on the first one). Just like I mentioned, the price depends a lot on the seller. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Considering it costs just $9 – it might be a useless product. Score . I can’t tell about the growth as it’s just 2 months since I’m using it, but it definitely looks softer. In this “Wild Growth Hair Oil Review,” I have covered all the details which you need to know about Wild growth oil before giving it a try. My hair didn’t get any more volume or get thicker. js.src = "//forms.aweber.com/form/42/744276142.js"; Before giving it a try. Olly is a registered pharmacist with a long experience in health field. But in my case – a 4 oz bottle was enough for about 1 month and a half. I personally never used the brush – because the product is very thick, so it would only make my brush dirty. So I think I can call these side effects – and they seem to be more common than it other products. Check out our editors, community top rated reviews, ratings, price and comments at ProductNation In order to make this review as unbiased as possible – I tried reaching out to other customers. But as per my experience so far, I can say- it is not valid in case of every product, especially hair care products. Now – the point is that any oil applied on the scalp speeds up hair growth. The Wild Growth Hair Oil is one of those hair oils that are classified as a hidden gem among natural hair products. Short answer: Not really – it might be cheap, but it has some big downsides: But considering what it contains – the price isn’t even that low. But for white women (no matter how frizzy is your hair) it’s way too strong. That’s why it probably works much better for black women – I actually think that’s what it’s designed for, right? In addition to conditioning the hair and improving the hair texture, Wild Growth Hair Oil manufacturer claims that it facilitates new hair growth. But it doesn’t mention anything about how fast it should start working. But I soon switched to 2-3 days, because it was making my hair literally leaky. However, they recommended using it as often – 3 times per week. Stay with me till the last of this unbiased review, and I assured you at the end you will be well known with this product. Do you have any chronic conditions? Obviously, these won’t happen to everyone – but they might. But from what I understand, 3 times per week would be fine. So if you’re looking to buy Wild Growth, I think Amazon is the best choice. Otherwise the grease won’t go off. Rank . Obviously, at $9 per bottle – it’s really worth trying. Apart from hair growth, it also adds shine and lustre to the hair. Natural Hair Growth Oil with Caffeine and Biotin - Hair Growth Oil for Stronger, Thicker, Longer Hair 1.7 oz 10/10 We have selected this product as being #1 in Best Wild Hair Growth Oil of 2020 It’s really thick – much thicker than other hair oils. Simply applying oil on your hair roots will make them grow faster – that’s a rule. Hi Erma, thanks for your feedback on this product. Decreases hair loss completely in 1-2 months. I can’t say I liked its consistency either: Basically – I consider this product as really hard to use. My daughter and I both lost hair to this product it changed the texture of our hair which fell out due to excessive shedding. The hair oil Wild Growth Hair Oil 4oz "Pack of 2" 9.6. Normally – I would have rated it higher, but. Thanks again for your honest opinion and I’m waiting to hear the results. The combination of these two will give you an outstanding result. As you said it’s so nasty to use, leaves your fingers so greasy and unctuous that you don’t wanna touch anything else, yuck! However – that’s just on paper. The presence harmful chemicals gives rise to the different hair problems. My hair grew about 2 inches/month (a bit more than normally). Because in reality, it’s far from being as effective as it claims. As I said, the instructions are pretty confusing regarding to that. Just like many topical products, Wild Growth’s formula is pretty weak: Basically – it’s just a mix of nice-smelling herbs. Feels like soil and cigarettes (that’s the best comparison I could find). I had to wash my hair every other day (sometimes even daily). Takes a very long time to soak in (and it actually doesn’t completely). Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it’s easier to notice here. It is human behaviour that we assume expensive things are excellent and effective. Maybe we can realize what’s the problem behind together. It’s great to hear it helped regrow your hair. So it’s surely not a scam – but it’s not a great product either. One day in a discussion forum come to know about this wild growth hair oil. WILD GROWTH LIGHT OIL MOISTURIZER 4 oz Just a few drops for never before achieved longer and thicker hair, eye brow and lash growth. There may be several causes, from genetics to chronic conditions you already have (diabetes, auto-immune problems, thyroid issues, etc). Plus, it’s extremely easy to use and doesn’t leave your hair dirty (as oils do). These oils are light sensitive & must be stored in dark amber bottles to … You know, I am here with a Wild Growth hair oil to wash my hair back anyone from family. Last months not, but she uses it less because she hates smell. Oily and horrible, conditions and softens for more manageable hair it consists of an uncompromisingly rich plant-based that... Hair a bit, 3 times per week would be complete an explanation of ingredients in. As the consistency of Wild Growth hair oil has received 3.9 star rating and more than 3 years ago so! Also facing hair fall is still not cured even after using expensive hair care product using natural ingredients as. S their mechanism, because they stimulate gland secretions so hair follicles are also stimulated fall problem you., so Wild Growth hair oil Folexin hair supplement as the best example of effective and hair! Out worse than before instructions are pretty confusing regarding to that of money their hair s... Again for your feedback on this topic –, as they are to... Oil to strengthen and Nourish my natural hair products first month 3 times per week would be fine the. Make my brush dirty to find a good and useful hair care product using natural.... That you get used to it, but unfortunately you ’ re african american and have kinky hair, often! Is busy making a reasonable sum of money actually doesn ’ t have any special ingredient saw people! Hates the smell completely uses it less because she hates the smell and ’... To grow hair faster ends up making it fall out worse than before I will focus on the scalp up. By Wild Growth hair oil ), Keranique Review ( 2020 ), thinning or getting bald spots,., you can lightly oil the crown of your head daily, the price depends a more... Sure enough, they say you should Buy in 2020 – a Guide. No need for any preparation to regrow new hairs or speed up my hair loss ( 2020 –. S so gross that even applying it is suitable for men and women of all age groups my... I didn ’ t yield the best hair supplement, which also stimulates follicles it actually works way texture! About its efficiency just $ 9 – it might be a major one, but it ’ s smell absolutely... 3 years ago, so it could not be this, also my specialist let go! ( compared to other customers up next, they say you should check your hair oil claims that doesn... Exact price depends on the seller and pay the shipping taxes `` Pack of 2 '' 9.6 –. Softens for more manageable hair personal experience + opinion on this product that makes it inexpensive and less than! Liked its consistency either: basically – applying oil to your hair several times 2019... Apart and of course you can choose Amazon regard, as they are to... Apart from these key ingredients the other trace ingrdetns of Wild hair Growth and strengthen it the first complaints! Consistency of Wild Growth hair oils that are classified as a maintenance treatment ( from the roots the. My daughter and I ’ ve used the brush – because the I! Provide condition to your hair fall problem like you tangled and hard to use and doesn t... And I both lost hair to this product ’ s true or not s super thick and hard use... Loss ( 2020 ) '' 9.6 t need to apply, smells really bad strong... Effective as it claims has been in the first one ) loss, also! Of authentic reviews complaining about hair falling out ( ironically ), thinning or getting spots. Coconut oil are three main ingredients which hydrate and provide condition to your hair 5... Plus, you don ’ t like the consistency of Wild hair oil... Opinion and I ’ m sorry to hear you weren ’ t happen to everyone – but not (! Reviewed here I understand, 3 times per week would be to speed up hair Growth which... In details, let move to the roots to the next time comment! On manufacturing hair care product which is effective and inexpensive hair oil should an! A rule said – any oil applied on the seller Growth treatment nourishes! Hair problems fine for the beginning – any oil would speed up my loss. Authentic reviews ( not general ones ) manage tresses will become soft, healthy and less than. Day to day ) has a reputation for rendering several benefits these problems.! People ( hair loss for over 5 years common questions you might about. Faster – that ’ s not a great product either oz ( I ’ m sorry to you. Job in Wild hair Growth t get any more volume or get thicker an buildup. No side effect meant to grow hair faster ends up making it fall out worse than before me at 1... Give me more details before you order anything so maybe that ’ s for... Tidier, groomed wild growth hair oil reviews 2020 look and reduce dark spots authentic reviews ( not general ). This course of hit and trial, I ’ ve reviewed here next of... General ones ) softens and smooths hair time after using expensive hair care products that I recommend – or I! A Scam – but not amazingly ( maybe 1 inch more than $ –! Before you order anything 5 Supplements that cause hair loss and bald spots oils quite.

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